Friday, February 29, 2008

#67: Hating Padma Lakshmi

For reasons not fully understood by me, Indian women love to hate Padma Lakshmi, the host of Bravo's reality series Top Chef. Perhaps it's because they question her merits as an authority on food. Maybe it's because of that foul-mouthed Vanity Fair profile, or the million dollar apartment in New York's East Village that she's apparently paying for with cookbook residuals, or the high profile divorce from Salman Rushdie. Or maybe it's because she's just too beautiful to be mired in the midst of us mere mortals. Sigh.


harry said...

yeah. that's one foiinnne dung lotus.

Mahotma in Herre said...

harry! with the midnight's children reference! on fire.

Miss Anthrope said...

I don't dislike her, actually. True, that Vanity Fair article was annoying, but one can't deny that she's smokin' hot. I say right on, my brown desi sistah!

Krupa said...

Isn't there a post about brown people thinking they're black where we can direct my desi sistah, Miss Anthrope?

Miss Anthrope said...

Wow... slow down on the haterade Krupa! It's called being facetious, not "thinking I'm black"... I'm guessing you're one of those desi girls who dislikes Padma Lakshmi then. No need to project that anger onto me... but to each their own.

Moon Majumdar said...

She's too hot not to like! (i'm brown and female)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is her nude photo shoots or the awful performance she gave in Mariah Carey's bomb, "Glitter"? And her voice is so annoying!

greg said...

I see no reason why I should "hate" her ... but there are plenty of reasons to avoid her. She's a horrible TV personality, acting like, well ... a model. She moves and speaks stiffly, without the slightest hint of personality. Smoking hot? Well, that's an opinion. I don't see it, and I suspect she is heavily made up, but that's not important. What's important is that she seems to have been given jobs and money for no discernible reason, so many people probably suspect there is a lot going on that no one admits to. I can understand a lot of resentment, and, yeah, that can be projected as hate very often.

Anonymous said...

She is pretty much just stupid. That is why I don't like her. I hate watching her try and act like she knows what she is talking about on Top Chef coupled with her overdramatic and misplaced facial expressions and her rude comments. They way she speaks to people not only makes her appear ignorant but also quite ugly. Also, she is not that good looking, she is just tall with boobs, a makeup artist, and a trainer.

Joanie said...

Who cares about her culinary opinions??? She is simply eye candy for the show. I often wonder if the judges secretly yawn when she 'opines', if you can call it that. Her tone and demeanor are condescending and tiresome - wonder what the contestants think.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Indian female and Padma Lakshmi is just drop dead gorgeous to me especially in that photo you have of her there.She is a beautiful women, nice features, tall,great skin color. I think it's the North Indian Punjabi types who may think she's too dark which I think it's ridiculous, but all of India loves Katrina Kaif she's gorgeous, but also light skinned while women like Padma and Freida who are equally beautiful if not more don't get a second glance. Strange the way the world works. Also Indians men and women hate Aishwarya Rai the most! I never understood it they call her old when she's only in her 30's, they say she's rude and has an attitude, not only Indians, but also entire Bollywood thinks she has an attitude. People are extremely hateful and vile towards her just go on youtube and scroll down on her videos. I guess beautiful people just have to deal with all these. Some people are just jealous of their beauty,wealth,success,career,life style,home,fame,and so on.Not me I'm not insceure I have enough confidence in myself and not low self-esteem that I would resort to insulting someone I don't even know on a personal note. If I insult you it's only because you got on my bad side that's why I don't insult celebrities simply because I don't know them on a personal level to judge them.

Anonymous said...

Just watch her on Top Chef. It's obvious she doesn't want any woman to top her. She HAS to walk through doors before any of the other women, including her guest stars. She's just atrocious. And the look of disgust that she gives the guest judges when she doesn't agree with their opinions.... I used to admire her, but I've seen enough.

Anonymous said...

She is a talentless, self-entitled, gold-digging whore. The evilness and emptiness of her character is really shining through in the way she is treating Adam Dell in this custody battle and how she didn't know who the father of her baby was (because she's a whore), but she was hoping it was the 70-year-old IMG exec (IMG, by the way, is the agency that gave her this marketing deal that lets her put out a line of jewelry and other useless crap with her name on it) because the actual father is too "unambitious" and has an "uninteresting" job. I had to stop watching Top Chef, one of my favorite shows, because I can't stand to look at her awkward face or hear her awkward voice or know that she thinks she's such hot shit and goes way out of her way to score some male attention, while also trying to stay on the arms of much older, very influential men. PS I am really grateful for being able to let off some steam about this here. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I dont understand the haiting, she is beautiful, and in top chef she seems like an elegant woman and thats it, i dont see the "bad attitude" on her. People love to go extreme in haiting.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm just going to be flat-out superficial and judge her solely on her looks, which I find average. Not average for an Indian woman, just average overall. Nice bod, meh face. Don't know much else about her, other than that she was married to Rushdie, who himself has a rep for being kind of a douche, and that she is a pseudo-chef, so I don't really have an opinion of her. She's not unattractive of course, but I just don't really get why she's hyped as this striking specimen of South Asian beauty. Maybe it's the big boobs in proportion to her slender, model-like frame, because I see nothing special in the facial area. I remember seeing Indira Varma in Kama Sutra years ago and thinking she was just divine (yes, I know she's biracial), even though she certainly doesn't have what might be considered "conventionally attractive" features at all. Archie Panjabi is sex-ay as hell on The Good Wife. Parminder Nagra is gorgeous. All of the women mentioned above are of different skin tones, so I certainly don't discriminate in that area. There are some fine-looking Indian women in showbiz. I just don't categorize Padma as being one of them. But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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