Thursday, February 28, 2008

#87: The Ramada Inn

Indians love hotels. Indians love owning hotels, and Indians love renting out hotels for any event that falls within the catch-all description of "Function." Birthday Function. Pooja Function. Wedding Function. Your friend Adam's Bar Mitzvah Function.

No hotel serves the functional interest of Indians better and more often than the Ramada Inn (pending post - #91: Econo Lodge). Perhaps it's the discount rooms or the chain's proximity to popular Indian sites of congregation such as Cherry Hill, NJ or Bethesda, MD that make the Ramada so appealing to large Indian gatherings. Or maybe it's the hotel name's close similarity to a holy holiday.

But most likely the Ramada Inn is so popular among Indians because no other hotel rolls off the paan-stained Indian tongue with such mellifluous grace. Give it a try: "Eh! Get in the Dodge Caravan! We are going to be late for the graduation punction (sic) at the Ramadainn!"