Friday, February 29, 2008

#81: Condescendingly Referring to Any Gathering of Indians as a Meat Market

Some Indians feel uncomfortable fraternizing in large groups. One excuse these Indians use to avoid such situations is to dismiss the occasion or event as a "meat market." For example:

Situation #1:

Soniya: Hey, Rachna. Are you going to the Indian Student Association meeting tonight?
Rachna: No way, Soniya. Those meetings are just for desperate FOBs looking to find an American wife to get them a Green Card. It's such a meat market.

Situation #2:

Payal: Oh my gods, my parents just sent me this mekhla we had made in India when we went there last summer and I'm totally going to wear it to the Hindu Student Alliance Garbaa-Raas tonight. What are you going to wear?
Meena: Nothing.
Payal: You're wearing nothing? You sliz!
Meena: No, I'm not going. It's just a big, sweaty Meat Market.
Payal: No, the snacks are Veg, I checked -
Meena: No, Payal. As in everyone's just trying to get with each other. It's disgusting.
Payal: Oh (questioning her self-worth and limited world-view)
Meena: Besides, Delta Kappa Epsilon has a social tonight at Sinibar and Brett's going to be there. I'm totally going to have his blue-eyed brown babies. How do I look?
Payal: Cute party top!
Meena: Thanks!

Situation #3:

Mumtaz: Do you want a ride to the Eid dinner tonight at the Multicultural Center to celebrate the breaking of fast for the Ramadan season?
Faiza: Guhross. South Asians gathered to observe the end of Ramadan? What a meat market.


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