Wednesday, March 12, 2008

#(10): Being $10 Short

Note: None of these people will pay the full amount of their bill.

Before Priyas shake, Priyas dine. And so hitting the pre-club dinner spot with the desi squad (d-unit) finds its place in most Saturday evenings. On those rare occasions when Indians are not in the mood for Taco Bell, a proper sit-down restaurant is the obvious choice. Dinner goes great: we go straight in and order the entrees - god(s) forbid sharing appetizers when you're with Nabil who doesn't eat pork, Roshni who doesn't eat any meat, and Karan who only eats paneer (and still wonders why his farts smell like he made it with a dead fish).

After the meal, a couple saki-bombs and no dessert (Nidhi has a 3-year old tub of butter pecan ice cream at home), we're ready for the check.

Then the games begin. Calculators are drawn, wallets disappear, and Rajesh's drunk ass claims that he only had a sip of saki (which he values at $2.50). After the initial melee subsides, Vijay, that guy who works in finnnnhance and insists on doing a DCF on the bill, diligently calculates how much everyone owes and collects accordingly. At last, we hear the dreaded, but inevitable words:

"We're $10 short."


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