Wednesday, March 26, 2008

#17: Shooters

Although most indians enjoy Robin Thicke (with or without Lil' Wayne), the shooters we're discussing take place in different kinds of bars. The bars where arms are raised, vodka crannberries are served 7 at a time, and Manpreet has the first round of shooters.

Don't confuse Shooters with "shots" either. That mistake will get you left behind at Bullfeathers. Shooters (pronounced: Shoodhers) encompass a lifestyle that is fast and more importantly, sexy. The club is sexy, the building is sexy, the jeans are sexy, The Bata Chappals are sexy, The Bata Keds are sexy, the pool table is sexy, the Thel (Hair oil) is sexy, and shooters? Shooters are toppers in sexy, yaar.

When people start taking shooters, stand near them, yell a little, and get ready to have a great time. Once shooters are introduced, all worries (especially monetary) are dumped out like day-old daal. Shooters, besides making everything sexy, introduce a round of posing with alcohol, shaking priyas, and, of course, more shooters.

It only takes one person to raise the level of the entire party. Follow your senior quote, and be the change that says:

Manpreet: 15 kamikaze shooters please.
Bartender: What?
Manpreet: 15 Kamikaze shooters!!!
Bartender: Shots?
Manpreet: SHOOTERS!!
Bartender: You want 15 kamikaze shots.
Manpreet: 17 kamikazes and 1 lemon drop. Priya just came and 112 is about to play.


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