Monday, March 3, 2008

#1992: Aladdin

Ahh, Disney. After years of fair skinned maidens and blonde haired blue eyed princes, you finally made a movie that Indians everywhere can identify with. Ignore the fact that it's based off of a Middle Eastern folk tale, Aladdin has become firmly entrenched as one of the best representations of Indians in mainstream American culture.

The reason Aladdin still remains a classic is the fact that it's a movie that appeals to all groups. Kids love it because it's a Disney movie. Teenage girls love it because they can dress scandalously as Jasmine on Halloween and still pass it off as an Indian costume. Jersey thug boys love it because Aladdin says "Take off your clothes" under his breath, the clouds spell out SEX at one point, and there are hookah references in the first 5 minutes of the movie. Indian parents just like the Hindi words in the movie ("The tiger's name is Raja! Beta, that means king!!).

Though Disney has made decidedly ethnic movies since then (however, don't confuse Pocahontas to be an Indian film), Aladdin still remains in the hearts, and DVD players, of Indians everywhere.


Mahotma in Herre said...

a) Genie says "take off your clothes"

b) the flower pollen spells "sex" in the Lion King.

c) I'm pretty sure Aladdin is considered in academic circles a perpetuation of the trope of Orientalism

But yeah, I like me some Aladdin.

Beejoli said...

Fine I'll give you point B, but point A you'll have to take up with Wikipedia...and the video of Aladdin I watched yesterday on full volume.

whordeboryeeeat said...

i think you mean "have some of column a, try all of column b"

Anonymous said...

Aladdin is a nice movie the music is nice and everything, but of course it's made by Americans so obviously there's a lot of ignorance and stupidity in this movie too meaning it's not accurate they should've done some research for this movie because so many young kids watch it and it makes them stupid too. Like you said Raja is an Indian word meaning king and it's used in this Arabic movie. Very stupid. Also Agraba where Aladdin takes places is actually taken from the city of Agra in India if you didn't realize that already. Even the palace in Aladdin is modeled after the Taj Mahal that stands in India not in Arabia. Aladdin is like a mix of some Indian and some Arabic.I would've preferred them not to use any Indian thing in there at all. There are no tigers in Arabia either,Jasmine having a pet tiger is ridiculous. And Jasmine being the princess would not dress around in a belly dancer outfit all day..well not without being stoned..she's a princess not a slave or a prostitute that dances for pleasure of Arab men. What a wrong idea to give to kids.Very disappointed in the ignorance of Disney.

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