Tuesday, March 4, 2008

#50: Spoofing Rap Songs

These days, no collegiate cultural show is complete without the Indian rap parody. Usually performed by the students with an affinity to hip hop, the real lyrics are wittily replaced with lyrics highlighting Indian stereotypes (which, as discussed before, no one seems to mind).

So for example, if we were to spoof 50 Cent's In the Club, and called ourselves Guju Unit, we might replace:

Now shorty say she feelin' my stash, she feelin' my flow
Her girlfriend wit' it and bi and they ready to go


Now Pinki said she feeling my stache, and feeling my fro
The smelly thel in my hair I can sell as petrol

Witty, huh? Further examples would include the apparently conceptualized replacement of My Love Don't Cost a Thing being renamed I Won't Spend a Thing and being performed by a Gujarati guy getting naked as he wades into Lake Michigan. Or certainly a Gujarati-flavored version of Cassidy and R. Kelly's Hotel (yes, Gujaratis are generally the spoofee of choice). Or perhaps The Thong Song making way for The Devon Song. The possibilities are endless.

To maximize comic effect, the replaced lyrics are delivered with thick Indian accents (which every Indian seems to be able to pull off rather respectably).

Notables include (yes, another list):

1. Welcome to India

2. Crank Dat Curry Sauce

3. MD Digger

4. Curry and Rice Girl

And of course, this critically-acclaimed masterpiece:


Mahotma in Herre said...

"Reading that book for calculus / chatpals on my feet so fabulous / mater paneer my favorite dish / even though it makes me feel like ish / makes me dump like a truck truck truck / Devon Devon Devon" Okay I'm done. Yeah that's mad easy. Wish I would have tried my hand at one of those rap spoofs back in the day.

harry said...
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Anonymous said...

None of the your above mentions actually looked like Gujarati guys- more South Indians I'd say.

Is it that you are intimidated by Gujarati people's tremendous economic progress that you feel the need to keep saying derogatory things about them ?

dbals said...

Why ABCDs target fob's so much? Let me guess, because they don't know what else to do. Can you name one ABCD who is successful in entertainment industry, without making any pun about 'fob'? You can't count Kal pen or Manoj night shyamalan (he was born in India).

Mahotma in Herre said...

Aziz Ansari. Oh and us.

dbals said...

Never heard/seen him before. Thanks

Mahotma in Herre said...

Dude from heroes. Naveen Andrews on Lost. Mindy Kaling on the Office. Us. What else? DJ Bangladesh, Nora Jones, DJ Khaled, Mya, Us. What else? Maulik Pancholy (sp?) on Weeds and 30 Rock, us.

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