Wednesday, March 19, 2008

#87: Stealing Tabasco Sauce From Chipotle

Indians like spicy food. Open up the medicine cabinet of any Indian, check out their plentiful stock of Immodium tablets, and you'll understand this. Venture into the kitchen and any persistent doubts will be addressed. There are peppers in the fridge, taco bell fire sauce packets in the drawer and in the cupboard, standing at attention like a captured POW showing courage under fire, a bottle of the green tabasco sauce they stole from the fast food chain Chipotle.

The phenomenon of tabasconapping is a confluence of two Indian quirks: a proclivity for spicy fare and thrift. If you put something spicey in front of an Indian and turn your back, they will steal it. I even saw an Indian kid pocket a CD at Best Buy just because it said Red Hot Chilli Peppers on it.

Don't believe me that Indians love spicing their food so much that they'd resort to theft? Try this. If you're ever at Pizza Hut with a group of Indian friends or family members, casually mention that they're out of crushed red pepper. "Nothing to make this slice of vegetarian delight hotter on my tongue?" they'll shout. "Nothing to steal and hide in my pantry?" they'll exclaim. "Get in the car," someone will finally say, "I think there's an Uno's down the street."

So next time you're at Chipotle waiting 35 minutes in a line for your burrito bowl keep an eye on the number of tabasco bottles (y) at the condiment station. Then count the number of Indians (x) in front of you. If at any point x>y, get your burrito to go. Chipotle may be out of hot sauce but there's plenty in your cupboards back at home.


Subhash said...

People will take the bottle thats the most empty. Lets not get carried away.

And why do you have to make stereotypical "Indian in the Cupboard" References?

All you guys are, are a bunch of stereotypes.

Hey, i wear a turban!!! COMEDY!!!

get a life and a job.

Mihir said...

A guess here, but Subash has his pagdi tied a bit too tight...

Mahotma in Herre said...

Oh snap! In yo' face, macaca!

aliya said...

boy was my comp-sci/applied-math-ass ever relieved to see things in terms of variables x and y.

Also, tiefing the emptiest bottle is just stupid. barely worth the gas money. and you call yourself an indian. for shame!

whordeboryeeeat said...

you tiefs have no honor (whoever catches the reference wins)

dbals said...

Not sure it's true, but funny.

Dinesh said...

this is hilarious. I'm Indian (South Indian to be precise, and crazy proud of it). I got off work from the hospital yesterday dead tired and went to chipotle to get a burrito bowl to go. I saw tabasco on the table that I placed in my scrubs pocket (by my knee), and was just gonna sprinkle some on it when I got to the the register and be on my way when I decided I'll just take the bottle home and sprinkle it on it when I get there. I didn't think anyone else would steal a tabasco bottle then I see ur blog lol. And I'm not ashamed to say it, but everything here is true, there has to be either crushed red pepper or tabasco, and the thai restaurants need to get my level of spice just right or I'll yelp about how crappy the place is. BROWN POWER :D

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