Wednesday, March 5, 2008

U Know What # This Would Be: Yasmin Chaudhry

Yasmin Chaudhry is more popularly known as Jazmin, the first "actress" from Bangladesh to star in a Western adult "film." I don't know if Indians other than a couple of Bengalis working for us generally care for Jazmin or even know who she is. If not, feel free to Internetflick her filmography.

Selections include: Sinful Asians 4, The Babysitter 20, Chica Boom 30 and Bangladesh Booty, which, and I quote, "featured a multi-cultural host of pornstars, all posing as Bangladeshis, as well as Jazmin belly dancing, doing yoga and having sex in Kamasutra positions.[1]"

Unfortunately, Jazmin was not asked to reprise her role for the presumably equally retrograde Bangladesh Booty 2. She was instead replaced by a woman of Latin descent. That's right, the only Bangladeshi adult film actress in America was replaced in a movie called Bangladesh Booty 2 by a Latin chick. Damn you, Shonda Rhimes, and your trend of color-blind casting.


Yousuf ullah said...

I think i saw a clip some time a go she is cute n has a fineeee body mmmm would love ta have a go... didnt think bangladesh had it lol

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