Monday, April 28, 2008

#189: Homeopathic Care

It goes without saying that Indians like the practice of Medicine. What is alarming, though, is that for a community with such confidence in the institutions of science and maths, Indians still manage to believe, in a back corner of their minds normally reserved for heretical thoughts such as "M. Night Shyamalan sucks" and "Isn't Sanjay Gupta gay," that homeopathic care might work.

One would think that 4 years of private, parochial high school, 3 years of undergraduate study in an accelerated medical program, 4 years of medical school, 2 years of interning, and 3 years of residency would banish any and all thoughts among Indians that remotely consider holistic care a legitimate alternative to Western medicine. Gas X is for indigestion; Zithromax is for boils; hydrocortisone cream is for eczema; and Prilosec is for acid reflux. Ginger root, chamomile, red bark and vinegar have no place in the pantheon of prescribed panaceas.

Not so, according to Indians, superstitious and scientific alike. To Indians there is no hypocrisy between taking Crestor for high blood pressure and tiger toe nails for a migraine. Even pharmacies in India, which boast their accredited professionalism with a dingy red-cross insignia outside a ramshackle stand crammed between a cobbler and a paan shop, offer both acetaminophen and hibiscus leaves to cure that crick in your neck.

Do you suffer from Asthma? Try some Pranayama.

What about Diarrhea? Here are some boiled banyan buds.

Do you have Depression? Too bad, it doesn't exist.

To Indians there's no sickness beyond the reach of antibiotics, analgesics and good ol' fashioned ayurveda. Except leprosy. That shit is still a bitch to cure.


Anonymous said...

I think its ridiculous that whoever wrote this actually believes that the natural medicine doesn't work. Because trust me, its SURE DOES!

I think its ignorant to question things like Yoga and Ayurveda, both of which have been working for many many years. I have had personal experience of this.
My dad had heavy asthma from the ages of 12-30, so bad he had to quit college and at one point was recommended to leave India. All the chemicals from medicines did no good.
Then he did Yoga for 2 years and now his lung capacity is higher than normal.
He also got rid of his thyroid and High pressure with yoga and natural medicine.

Whoever wrote this needs to get their facts straight and be less ignorant.

Amused said...

Yeah, what to speak of Indians, everyone else, including the scientific world, is realizing the efficacy of natural cures. Not saying it all works all the time, but neither does allopathy all work all the time.

Plus, allopathy comes with a whole set of side effects. Too many damn chemicals!

Anonymous said...

Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to homeopathy. Why don't you educate yourself before speaking out of your...ignorance...

dbals said...

Whoever wrote this is certainly a victim of, what I call, white-o-philia. What it means is, the person would believe in things only after a white person proclaim that he has discovered something, that has been in existence in ancient cultures for centuries.
I bet many IBCD(Indian born) & ABCD's would have never heard of yoga, if it wasn't "discovered" by white. Good to know there are still some people in India who have a mind of their own and do what they believe in - right or wrong. Not looking up for an white "ass" to say it's ok to do it. Sadly, this number is declining fast as most educated tend to be white-o-philes.

Anonymous said...

cool it with the comments - it's supposed to be humorous. However, for the sake of accuracy, I think the author is confusing homeopathy (total bunkum) with herbalism - or in India - aryuvedic(sp?) medicine.

Anonymous said...

how easy it is for you to disregard without any solid facts. A very poorly written, self assuming, generalizing, ignorant and presumptuous article.

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