Monday, July 7, 2008

#212: Fearing Open Flames

As has been documented, Indians fear many things. Indians fear uncertainty; Indians fear the Chinese; Indians fear the future; and Indians fear Islam. Another thing Indians fear is an open flame.

The primary forum in which fear of an open flame manifests itself is the kitchen, where gas burning stoves ignite like the volcanoes of Mordor under skillets of rotis, pots of stewing lamb and kettles of boiling water. One ill-advised move in this culinary quagmire could ignite a dupatta like Michael Jackson's hair in a Pepsi commercial.

An overheard conversation in a Delhi salwar bazzar:

Guy: Are these clothes flame retardant?

Salesperson: Excuse me?

Guy: Flame Retardant! Retardant to flames.

Salesperson: Um, I don't think so. If you light them with a flame they will catch fire.

Guy: No, clothes in America are chemically treated so as not to conflagrate.

Salesperson: Conflagrate?

Guy: Will these clothes catch fire while cooking?

Salesperson: I don't believe these clothes are meant to be cooked in, sir.

Oh, aren't they? Why else would we see our mothers and aunties drape themselves in their finest silk saris before gatherings held in remodelled basements only to spend the next five hours stationed in front of the stove while their reluctant children conduct tours of the house?

The fear of open flames translates to other areas of the home as well. The fancy barbecue set on the back porch is rarely, if ever, fired up and never serves as a center for congregation as it does in Tyler Perry movies. Fireplaces are often times merely decorative and if functional are gas operated and covered with at least 3 glass and mesh barriers while a mini fire extinguisher stands vigilantly in the corner. Even incense burns cautiously beneath the watchful Indian eye as it's immediately extinguished under the faucet after its final embers glow and it is wrapped in a damp paper towel before being gingerly disposed of.

Though open flames factor prominently into Hindu weddings, festivals and mosque razings they are a source of grave concern among many judicious Indians. Especially the ones in dupattas. Those things can conflagrate.


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