Tuesday, August 19, 2008

#112 The Remix: Singing R&B

We all know Indians like R&B, Arundhati Royt? We all know how they feel about 112 on the Bose speakers and Usher remixes for the pre-party. But yo, guess what? Indians like SANGING that shit, too.

Whether it be that dude from Penn Masala running vocal riffs during breaks from his Haaaaaaaaaaaaaarvard B-School admissions application or that Oriya kid you grew up with who kept stacking mix CDs he made for Sarika, Shabbana, and Shweta with the latest deep cut from Musiq's "Aijuswanaseing," Indians juswanacrooooooon.

Chalk it up to the North American desi's upbringing steeped in a cultural homage to Michael Jackson. Maybe it's because black culture was more amenable to Indian adoption. Or maybe it's like Kal Penn said in American Desi, the Dark Continent and the Sub-Continent once shared a single land mass and deep down inside we're all Kallu at heart.

Nowhere else has the Indian penchant for chromatic scales and cut time manifested itself more prominently than in the United Kingdom. For years, Desi dubs in the North End* have been channeling that Thoia Thoia Thoia Thoia Thoing into ragga infused Rhythm & Bhangra tracks from Jay Sean, Rishi Rich and he with the most recent fusion foray, Raghav.

Oh, y'all didn't heard? Raghav's back (did he ever even leave?) with a new single, a new haircut, a new video, and a new Redman seal of approval. Yeah, we know, the Indian / Redman / Native American / Indian reference game is running our brains in meta circles too. The song's called "My Kind of Girl," and the video's some sort of Entrapment / Mission: Impossible / True Lies / Money Talks mashup. One commenter on Nah Right described it as:

  1. catch22 Says:

    did anyone actually watch this homo video?
    it’s redman and kumar escape from casino royale with a knockoff *nsync playing in the background (-)

Yeah, maybe so, but with Singh is Kinng working its way up the charts and Redman putting his B-List thing on Raghav's D-List thing, the year of the Turbanator could be nigh. Our UK DiasBROas have ditched their faux hawks, their sublet on Craig David's nutz and branched into the new Jagged Edge remix game. Take an R&B song, insert a rapper on the opening bars, do your verse, do your chorus, do your bridge, bring the MC back for his part as the hip-hop equivalent of a guitar solo, and wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap it up. End result? Garbage, most likely, but, yo, Raghav, you're prettier than me so I'm not going to hate if youjuswanaseing.

* We know nothing about UK geography and aren't even sure if there are Indians in the North End of London.


Hadji's Ghost said...

of course it's a DIAMOND EXHIBIT. Way to play up the cliche's there, Raghav. Why couldn't it be a renaissance art expo, or an East Asian Museum exhibit...I'm sure you could find stuff to steal there.

Anonymous said...

Question: Seriously, why do all Indian videos have to have two main people, one guy one girl, then they HAVE to have like 75 other people behind them dancing in sync all wishing THEY were the one up front?

When one indian guy takes a piss are there 50 others behind him pissing wishing they could piss like him? I mean WTF? it seems like I have never seen one indian do anything by themself, I go to store, never see one indian, MUST be at least three generations all muddling about blocking aisles and the only one that has a clue is the youngest one who says MOM! Granma, get the fuck out of the way! People are actually tryong to get past and the mom or grandam apologizes then 10 seconds later is back standing in the way, what is up with that?

Gotta admit it is pretty funny and true.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous - do you happen to live in the Mid-West. What do you mean "why do all Indian videos have to have two main people, one guy one girl, then they HAVE to have like 75 other people behind them dancing in sync all wishing THEY were the one up front?"

Isn't that the way with any music video? Are you just being sarcastic or just plain stupid or should I say raciest.

Another Anonymous..... living in OC, California.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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