Sunday, November 23, 2008

#262 Friends: Bad Ass Ethnic Social Networking Names


Sexymunda 916





#11/28: Black Friday

You'd think it was the name of an outlet store the way Indians bandy it about.

"Hey, Guarav. Thanks for letting me borrow your CD binder full of data CDs. I was meaning to ask you, where'd you get that new laptop?"

"Black Friday."

"And that Logitech mouse?"

"Black Friday."

"That remote control model Maserati?"

"Sukhriya Electronics. Sale. Black Friday."

In addition to the biological burden of excessive body hair, Indians have also evolved with an acute sense of how to seek out a deal. There is online shopping with purchases shipped to friend's houses to avoid sales tax. There is disregard for warranties to lower the final cost. There are price comparison print outs. There are pay pal transactions for unlocked cell phones, and of course there is Black Friday.

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving, the official start of the holiday shopping season. Retailers offer their largest discounts on things Indians cannot live without: Bose speakers, HP Pavillion laptops, digital cameras and blue tooth ear pieces.

Join Indians around the world this Friday and celebrate the day of discounts. Crowd the entrance to a Best Buy and bump shoulders like you're fighting for a pair of tickets to Rock On on a Saturday in Mumbai. It's Black Friday and that Samsung Juke could be yours. No sales tax.